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Sukha Sangat Wellbeing

sukha sangat wellbeing

"Connecting you to soul nourishing & heart warming holistic events"



We have created Sukha Sangat Wellbeing to bring you a little island of blissful joy into your life.

Our weekly online classes allow you to never miss out on that time that you need to set aside to nourish your mind body and soul.  You can settle into your own little zen den to tune into our live classes or you can choose your practise using the recordings in our video vault so that you can go within at your leisure.... as memberships go ours offers amazing value with up to 3 live classes a week, members also benefit from a discount we offer on our venue based workshops and retreats, not forgetting the amazing  community that has grown and flourished into a community that support's and nourishes everything your soul needs that you can access when the need calls     

We have also created a free space for you to all connect, exchange energy and be the first to

find out about our community events.. we call this the Sukha Sangat Nurture space and we would love to see you there



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Shakti Dance of Yoga


Kundalini Yoga

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Plant Based Nutrition



Me Susan sharing and lavender

Sound & Movement Workshops


Herbal Healing

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